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TreeFrog Fresh Box XL Extra Large 400g - New Car

TreeFrog Fresh Box XL Extra Large 400g - New Car


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TreeFrog Freshbox XL Air Freshener - New Car Scent.

Japan supreme quality gel-based air freshener.

Freshens and deodorizes with natural fragrances in any room, including for office - home - restroom - storage room - auto/rv.

  • Premium quality gel-base air freshener that contains fresh perfume
  • 400g / 7.06oz
  • Much more natural smelling than any other freshener brands
  • Absorbs odors and freshens the air with natural fragrances
  • Ideal for under the seat in your auto/car/ RV, refreshing scent that lasts up to 60 days
  • Fragrance is formulated in Japan by sakura aromas Japan quality products
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