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RGBW Bluetooth Panamera projector Shrouds 3.0

RGBW Bluetooth Panamera projector Shrouds 3.0


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These are the all new Prestige Panamera 3.0 shrouds with Bluetooth RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White) Leds built-in! Led circuit built into the backside of the shroud that illuminates the four lenses on each corner. These are super bright.

Download the bluetooth app and change the color of your leds on these shrouds! Red, Green, Blue, White, and all the colors in between! Simple, easy, and one of a kind! Our shrouds are made from high quality materials with a astonishing chrome finish. Pictures does not do justice! Beware of other cheap shrouds as the heat from hid kit may melt, alter, and cause the chrome to flake off!


      • 2x RGBW Bluetooth Panamera 3.0

Projectors are not included and are for reference only!

Professional Installation recommended!

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