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Mini H1 7.0 Hid Bi-xenon Projectors

Mini H1 7.0 Hid Bi-xenon Projectors

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This is a high performance compact 2.5" projector! It's the best of all the H1 Bixenon projectors, expect the Morimoto H1 7.0 which costs nearly 3 times the price. We're offering these 7.0's to our customers who seek budget friendly options; something that won't break the bank. By working directly with the factory, we can supply you with the best price!

Easy-Install: Threaded shaft on the H1 7.0 makes it super easy to install without cutting up the whole housing. These bolt right on many models with their provided hardware. These have a male molex connector on the end for the bixenon, so unless you don't mind soldering, pick up the molex -> 9006 connectors from us!

What's Included:
2x Projectors: Mini H1 7.1 Bi-Xenon
2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb clips, etc.
Warranty: 1 Year

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