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Megan Racing Inner Tie Rods Kit For Nissan 240SX S15 1999 - 2002 S14

Megan Racing Inner Tie Rods Kit For Nissan 240SX S15 1999 - 2002 S14

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Package Contents:
Megan Racing Inner Tie Rods Kit (Pair)

Application Fitment Guide:

Model: Year:
For Nissan 240SX (S14) 1995 - 1998
For Nissan 240SX (S15) 1999 - 2002

The 240SX/Silvia is an amazing platform in all it s generations. The FR-Drive-train and it s light weight offer a perfect balance between speed and agility. Used in a wide range of motor-sports such as drag, drift, autocross, road race and even rally the 240SX has proven it s worth time and time again.

As a street car, it s refined and well mannered, comfortable to drive in and stylish with a bit of aggression in it s curves. Although it s initial design was sporty and aggressive it was still designed as a street car.

Those who seek the most from their car know that in the rigors of competition you need to extract every ounce of performance from your machine. You need the capability to have every degree of adjustment above and beyond that of a street driven vehicle. You need the strength to withstands the stresses and strains of hard corners, a rough course and brutal weight transfer and chassis flex.

It s within this understanding that Megan Racing has unveiled our line of reinforced suspension arms that offer the strength and adjustment that any competition vehicle will ever need. Constructed of high-strength steel alloys that offer durability, strength and yet remain light-weight, these control arms have been track tested for months in road race, autocross and drift events to assure quality and performance.

These Inner Tie Rods are constructed of a durable steel alloy which is much stronger that the OEM pieces that have a tendency to bend and break. With the spacer built into their knuckle, they allow the steering rack more travel to achieve the highest possible angle.


  • Much stronger than OEM pieces which often break and bend.
  • Increases steering angle to achieve a better more stable drift.

- End-to-end length: 11.5"
- Inner threaded portion length: 0.75"
- Inner threaded portion diameter: 5/8"
- Outer threaded portion length: 3.0"
- Outer threaded portion diameter: 1/2"

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