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Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Semi-Trailing Links Kit For Mini Cooper 2002 - 2013

Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Semi-Trailing Links Kit For Mini Cooper 2002 - 2013


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Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Semi-Trailing Links Kit (Pair)

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For Mini Cooper 2002 - 2013

The Mini Cooper has an extremely long heritage in racing. From it s beginnings, the car was always a small, quick and nimble automobile that was extremely fun to drive. It wasn't very powerful, but it had amazing handling. In 2002, BMW took over the production of the Mini Cooper; redesigning the Mini Cooper which had gone untouched for so many years wasn't an easy task, but BMW managed to bring the compact car to modern appeal.

When BMW started to produce the Mini Cooper, they incorporated their own long line of racing heritage and racing technology in the project to come up with the Mini Cooper that you see today. With it s Bulldog-Like stance, light weight, and low center of gravity the Mini Cooper was designed to handle.

The only downside to the Mini Cooper was that the suspension, although sporty, was still on the conservative side sacrificing performance for a more refined comfort that BMW has to uphold. The suspension is all good and well for the average driver but it simply won t do for the tuner who demands the most from his/her Mini Cooper. For this reason, Megan Racing has developed suspension components for the Mini Cooper to fine tune and refine the handling of your track-machine or daily-driver.

If you alter your suspension components, the chances are you will be changing the geometry of your suspension and will have the need to re-align your car to compensate for the changes you've made.

Megan Racing now offers Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms for the 2002-13 Mini One, Cooper, Cooper S, Clubman and Countryman. Constructed of a lightweight yet durable Steel Alloy and powder-coated with a 3-Stage process to a blue-metallic finish. These control arms feature a turn-buckle style adjustment in the center of the arm for easy adjustment and anti-dust pillow ball ends for a more direct feel without compromising comfort.

Due to the layout of the Mini Cooper and Cooper S, these bars will fit in two locations for the rear suspension. They can either be set to adjust camber or to adjust toe depending upon where they are installed. For best results and the ultimate in adjust-ability you can purchase two sets of arms and complete your rear suspension setup.


  • Lightweight yet Durable Steel-Alloy.
  • Anti-Dust Pillow ball Ends
  • 3-Stage Powder-coating Process
  • Brilliant Blue-Metallic Finish
  • Easy-Access center turnbuckle adjustments.
  • Can be used for Toe or Camber with one set or both with two sets (replace either 2 rear upper OR 2 lower control arms)
  • Direct-Feel and large range of adjustment for the ultimate enthusiast.
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