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Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Camber Arms Kit For Nissan 370Z 2009+

Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Camber Arms Kit For Nissan 370Z 2009+


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Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Camber Arms Kit (Left + Right)

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For Nissan 370Z 2009+
The 370Z is the next generation of the Fair Lady, the 370Z, and is Nissan’s current dominating force in motorsports. In its stock configuration, it is capable of so much but is still watered-down from its full potential due to the conservative restraints of consumer marketing and comfort.

It is a heavy-machine weighing over 3,200 lbs and is plagued by body roll and a soft spring-rate for the comfort of the masses. For this reason, Megan Racing has decided to develop numerous products to enhance the performance and bring out the full potential of the 370Z on both the street and track.

Alignment is crucial to the handling of your vehicle. Remembering that the only thing that touches the ground is your "Contact Patch" of your tires you have to make sure that your tires and wheels are doing exactly what you want. With this, you must make sure you have the proper camber, caster, and toe as well as make sure they are all working together and not against each other.

The 370Z is sensitive and " picky" when it comes to its alignment characteristics. When you lower the vehicle, the toe and camber in the rear are drastically affected. We have developed Rear Camber Arms to help alleviate this issue. Allowing a wider range of adjustment and an easier way to access the adjustment points makes these arms a must for any driver who has lowered their 370Z and is looking to properly tune their machine for performance and help against premature tire-wear. These arms are constructed with Lightweight Steel-Alloy, which is able to withstand the stresses of extreme competition.
  • Allows adjustment of Rear Camber.
  • A wider range of adjustment than stock.
  • High Strength steel construction protects against stresses of competition.
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