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JBD Tinted Anti Glare foldable windshield Sun visor

JBD Tinted Anti Glare foldable windshield Sun visor


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JBD Automotive Anti-Glare Tinted Windshield Extender - Anti-Glare Sun & UV Rays Block Visor Extender for Any Car, Truck or RV

Don't let the sun blind your vision while driving.

Anti-Glare Tinted Windshield Extender is Tinted to block dangerous windshield glare, sun and UV rays. This will reduce glares of the sun, headlight or tailgates.

High quality acrylic to give durability for long usage. The Universal in size, compatible with all vehicles.

The sun visor is compact and slim, easily tucked away when it is not in use.

Simply clip the visor to your overhead sun visor, and adjust to the postion of your desire. Drive with the Sun Visor to and from work, school. home, or any trip behind the wheel!

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