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HYLUX 2A88 35W CANBUS Error Free HID Xenon Ballast US Seller New Genuine

HYLUX 2A88 35W CANBUS Error Free HID Xenon Ballast US Seller New Genuine

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  • (1) Hylux Canbus 35w Hid Ballasts

The best aftermarket ballast. It's certainly the most commonly used on installations we perform on site, and always recommended when customers ask. Don't let the price fool you! It's as high quality as they come - basically what you expect out of an OEM ballast. These come with integrated can bus module which means they can be used on 99% of the car's on the road - plug and play - with no extra wiring harnesses. They have a slow and steady warm up time, which means they don't pull crazy amounts of power. No error codes or flickering with these! Don't hesitate on your decision, everyone loves these and so will you!

Can-Bus: Yes it has the integrated can-bus module. We find it the most reliable and the most commonly used, which is why we supply this version. It's plug and play on all german cars (which are known to need can bus modules) and on majority of the new American cars. Some of the American Mopar produced cars will require the 2015+ Mopar wiring harness. If you arent sure, please ask us!

Plug & Play: If you have a single filament bulb from the factory, you just plug these ballasts into your factory wiring. You may need an adapter if you aren't purchasing bulbs from us; if you are purchasing bulbs it will come with the adapter inside the HID bulb packaging. If you have a dual filament application such as H4, H13, and 9007 - you will require a bixenon harness. We have relay and can-bus harnesses available.

Genuine: We know these are priced so low you may raise a brow; but fear not! Not only can you take our word on it, Hylux has a small window to see the chip inside the ballast, to provide its genuine.

How long does it last? Well, we've been selling these for some time now, and no failures reported! It's quite amazing for an aftermarket unit. They are built like a tank and just keep going without any hiccups. Hylux states these have a 0.5% failure rate, much lower than the industry acceptable failure rate.


  • Wattage: 35 watts
  • Amperage: 3.2amp
  • Volts: 9v-16v
  • Chip: Asic chip
  • Input: Industry Standard "9006" Plug
  • Outputs: AMP (D2S/R with adapters)
  • Built in error-canceller
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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