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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing ZDX Throttle Body Adapter

Hybrid Racing ZDX Throttle Body Adapter


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2-10 HP Increase OEM Reliability (when combined with the TB) Installs in less than 30 minutes Complete Kit The Hybrid Racing ZDX throttle body adapter allows you to bolt a throttle body from an Acura ZDX engine onto your 2006-15 Civic Si. The ZDX throttle body has a larger bore than your stock throttle body allowing your engine to make more power. Expect to pick up between 2-10hp depending on the other modifications you have installed. We recommend port matching your intake manifold to 70mm and tuning with a Flashpro to maximize power and driveability. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the install in less than 30 minutes. Works with RBC and RRC intake manifolds. Includes the following: ZDX to RBC throttle body adapter ZDX thermal gasket RBC thermal gasket Bolts and washers Vacuum fitting for purge control valve solenoid.

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