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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing Z3 K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter Assembly

Hybrid Racing Z3 K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter Assembly


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Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction Adjustable throw from 75%-40% Adjustable knob height and position Works with stock & HR shifter cables Accepts M10x1.5 shift knobs Works with OEM center console No major modification or cutting necessary Rubber seal and all stainless hardware included Works with the K20Z3 transmission Description Vehicle Fitment Install Guide In 2008 we set out to solve one of the largest headaches that K-Series swaps presented. What do you do about the OEM RSX plastic shifter? Well, after a few months of designing and prototyping, we created the very first Bolt-In K-Series swap shifter. Nearly ten years and thousands of shifters later, we have the latest evolution of our innovative design. The Hybrid Racing Bolt-In K-Swap shifter allows you to retain the stock center console in your EF, EG, EK, & DC chassis and only requires two small holes to be drilled. It works with OEM Honda 06-11 shifter cables and the Hybrid Racing race cables. Our shifter has been race tested in cars all over the world. From California to England to Japan, racers all around the world choose our shifter not only for its reliability but for its ease of install and adjustability. The front/back throw can be adjusted to 2 different settings (75% stock throw, and 40% stock throw). The left/right throw can also be adjusted to 2 different settings (again, 75% stock throw, and 40% stock throw). The shift knob can be adjusted to up to 2 inches vertically, and the aluminum offset block can be rotated 360*. What chassis is this shifter compatible with? The Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter is compatible with the following chassis: 1988-1991 Honda CRX 1988-2000 Honda Civic 1992-1997 Honda Del Sol 1989-2001 Acura Integra If your car was equipped with an automatic shifter you will need to cut off the factory auto shifter cable bracket that is welded inside of the shift tunnel. Once you do that the installation is the same as a manual trans chassis. Which K-Series transmissions are compatible with this shifter? This shifter is compatible with transmissions from the following vehicles. - 06-11 Honda Civic Si (USDM only) - This does not work with Civic FN2 Shifter Cables - This does not work with the K20A FN2 Transmission - If using the FD2 K20A transmission, you MUST use the FD2 K20A shifter cables. You cannot use USDM shifter cables on the FD2 transmission without changing the shifter cable bracket. Hybrid Racing Race Cables for the 06-11 Civic Si DO NOT work with the FD2 transmission unless you change the cable bracket to that from the USDM K20Z3 trans. View Install Guide

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