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Hybrid Racing K-Swap Halfsize Radiator (92-95 Civic & 93-97 Delsol w/ K-Swap)

Hybrid Racing K-Swap Halfsize Radiator (92-95 Civic & 93-97 Delsol w/ K-Swap)


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Bolt in K-Swap Radiator for your Civic! Integrated bungs to mount coolant temperature sending unit and fan switch. Hybrid Racing Radiator cap included. Dual Core Construction. Description Vehicle Fitment What's Inside Install Guide --> Each K-Series swap radiator was carefully designed by Hybrid Racing to take into account both the chassis' dimensions and mounting points, as well as the K-Series' motor's coolant inlet and outlet. These radiators simplify the K-Series engine swap by eliminating the need for custom mounting brackets and by providing a guaranteed fit for your specific swap. All Hybrid Racing radiators feature dual-core, all-aluminum construction with high-precision TIG welds. This radiator integrates the necessary ports for the Coolant Temperature Sending Unit and the Fan Switch, eliminating the need for special adapters and inserts. How is this radiator better than the OEM radiator? This question has several answers. First, this Hybrid Racing K-Swap radiator features all-aluminum, and fully tig welded construction. As a result, it's less likely to leak or crack like the OEM unit which uses an aluminum core and plastic end tanks. Second, the coolant ports on all Hybrid Racing K swap radiators are relocated to allow the use of shorter coolant hoses when used in conjunction with a K series motor. Do I have to modify my chassis to make this radiator fit? No. This radiator is a complete bolt-on part. It mounts to the factory lower support tabs. We recommend using two high-speed ten-inch cooling fans. Is this radiator compatible with the Hybrid Racing AC kit for my chassis? YES! This unit is compatible with the Hybrid Racing conversion AC kit! Dimensions Core: 13.5" x11.5" x 2" Inlet / Outlet: 1.25" Fits: 92-95 Honda Civic with K-Swap 93-97 Honda Del Sol with K-Swap Tab 3 content View Install Guide HERE

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