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G5-R Clear lens with Honeycomb etching Bi-Xenon HID Projectors

G5-R Clear lens with Honeycomb etching Bi-Xenon HID Projectors

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What is it? Essentially this is a enhanced revision of the Original Hella G5 Projector, which is what the D2S 4.0 Bixenon projector is based off of. While very similar in comparison, there are a few differences. The main difference is the shield type, the G5 has a straight shield and the D2S 4.0 has a curved shield. The rear bowls appear to be the same design expect the G5 has a "fin" in the lower portion. The overall size is also extremely similar, if not 100% the same. The G5 projectors are riveted together, while the D2S 4.0 has screws. The rivets can be removed of course and replaced with screws if you require to take apart the unit. Thats about it besides the color of the front of the projector, which is painted black on the D2S 4.0. Talk about extreme performance at a lower price point! We're offering these G5's to our customers who seek budget friendly options; something that won't break the bank. By working directly with the factory, we can supply you with the best price!

Easy-Install: The threaded shaft makes it super easy to install without cutting up the whole housing. H4 is direct with the supplied mounting plate. These bolt right on many models with the provided hardware - only slight modification required most of the time.

Pre-Etched feature: This kit comes with pre-etched Honeycomb lens! Why pay additional with more downtime when you can have it all done in the first place?

Package Content:

  • 2x Projectors: G5-R Clear Lens with Honeycomb etched Bi-Xenon LHD
  • 2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb clips, etc.
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Compatible With: 35W, 50W AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • Max Height: 85mm
  • Max Width: 102mm
  • Max Depth: 148mm
  • Lens Diameter: 3 inch
  • Mounting Shaft: Diameter = 35mm
  • Lock Nut: Size = 46mm
  • Housing Depth: Minimum = 117mm
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