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G5-EXL Bi-xenon D2S D4S D1S D3S 3.2" Projector Blue Lens

G5-EXL Bi-xenon D2S D4S D1S D3S 3.2" Projector Blue Lens


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EXL: The first of it's kind. The 3.2" Extra Large version is perfect for larger headlights. With the larger size comes even greater intensity. The first projector to produce 1000 Lux on our test wall (33' away from light source) - that is 3 times brighter than the Morimoto D2S 4.0! The beam pattern is more center weighted on the G5-EXL when compared to the standard G5-R. The high beam output is the brightest of all the projectors. This is the king of intensity, nothing else comes close.

Versatile: Compatibility with D2S, D4S, D1S, and D3S!

Shrouds: Being the first does have it's downsides. At this time only a special oversized Apollo 2 Flat shroud is avalable in chrome. Other shrouds may technically work, but will need to be modfiied. We recommend the G5-EX if your shroud choice is important. 80/90mm fits on the face of the shroud and the "best" size for behind the vent is 110mm. However keep in mind it does not sit right at the face of the vent since its slightly back spaced. We find the 100mm is too small though.

Custom Mount Only: This unit does NOT come with the threaded shaft which is found on the Morimoto D2S 4.0 and G5-R Bixenon Projectors. We recommend "nut and bolt" installation; last option being using epoxy only. This may require a little extra time compared to a "thread on" HID projector retrofit. Plan accordingly! Please ask us any question if you are not sure.

Blue Tinted Lenses: Talk about unique! The blue coated lenses help you stand out from the crowd. This feature should not attract unwanted attention as it is seen on many models such as the Dodge Ram & Chevy Tahoe.

What's Included:
2x Projectors: 3.2" G5-EXL Clear Lens Bi-Xenon LHD
2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb clips, etc.
Warranty: 3 Years
Compatible With: 35W, 50W AT YOUR OWN RISK

Max Height: 85mm
Max Width: 102mm
Max Depth: 160mm
Lens Diameter: 3.2 inch
Mounting Shaft: Diameter = 35mm
Lock Nut: Size = 46mm
Housing Depth: Minimum = 117mm

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