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Bright Ghost Shadow LED Projector Light Door Logo for Acura TLX RLX MDX TL ZDX

Bright Ghost Shadow LED Projector Light Door Logo for Acura TLX RLX MDX TL ZDX


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DIRECT PLUG AND PLAY! Just remove the originally light and then install the new Ghost Shadow LED Logo lights! Logos will be included! Don't care for the logo? You can use the Ghost Shadow Leds with or without logo films. Without the logo, the Bright Led light will shine as shown in the pictures above!


  • 2x Cree Leds Ghost Shadow

  • 2x Batman Ghost shadow Logos

  • 2x Batman Extra Ghost Shadow Logos

  • 1x Product Packaging Box

This item fits the following vehicles:

Fits Acura MDX 2007 to 2017

Fits Acura RLX 2014 to 2017

Fits Acura ZDX 2010 to 2013

Fits Acura TLX 2015 to 2017

Fits Acura TL 2009 to 2014

MDX and RLX models can use a total of 4 ghost shadows. One ghost shadow on each door.

This light is the only light in the market that can be installed to the originally place and do not need bore a hole. And the projected image is the logo of the car.

This unit fits directly to the lower section of the front door and is wired into the interior lighting circuit, it is operated when the door is opened, very simple and effective.

No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference, waterproof and dustproof design. When the door is opened, the Acura LOGO is illuminated onto the open door surface to provide a light to aid entry into and out of the vehicle. When you close the door, the LOGO light will turn off and disappear.

Why buy from us? Our product has CREE LEDS and a sharper projection logo instead of the basic leds others are providing. Our product has quality control and is made to last!


Does not come with installation instructions

Please note: These are an aftermarket product and are NOT MADE BY Acura.

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