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Advanced Euro Edition HID Ballasts (Can-bus Error Cancelling)

Advanced Euro Edition HID Ballasts (Can-bus Error Cancelling)


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Prestige Advanced Smart System HID Ballasts.

  • Package includes (2) Euro Edition Smart System HID Ballasts

Unique Smart DSP chips designed

2015 New Canbus decoder fit almost all cars.

35W Fast Start

Ensure never burn any car wipers or computer system (100% safe).

Built to work properly in cold weather from -45C.

Special waterproof designed. 100% waterproof.

This is one of the most advanced and top rated Canbus Ballast in the Market.

Don't be fooled with the common inexpensive cheap kits out there. They can burn your wiper motors and give you error codes on your dash board.

Can-Bus error cancelling ballasts are made for most European vehicles and some American vehicles. Some of the vehicles includes BMW, AUDI, VOLVO, Volks Wagon, Mercedes, JEEP etc. These also solves AUDI A3 wiper engines burning out. This ballast will work on -40 degree cold temperature weather and is water proof! This top rated Canbus ballasts is for you!

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