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ACUITY Instruments

ACUITY Instruments Honda K-Series TPS Calibration Harness

ACUITY Instruments Honda K-Series TPS Calibration Harness


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  • Allows easy calibration of Acura RSX-S, Honda EP3, and 07-12 CBR Throttle Position Sensors
  • Fits between TPS and wiring harness
  • Metal Contact points for use with multimeter probes
  • Works with ACUITY 1879 TPS for the Acura RSX-S and Honda 7th Gen Civic Si

    Welcome to K-Series TPS calibration made easy. Calibrating a TPS can be difficult when there are no exposed points to contact with a multimeter. The 1875 Calibration Jumper Harness for Honda K-Series drive-by-cable throttle bodies goes between the TPS and engine wiring harness to provide convenient points to contact the Signal and Ground wires.  Simply plug it in during calibration, calibrate your TPS, and remove the calibration harness upon finishing the calibration process. See our 1878 or 1879 TPS install guide for more information about TPS calibration.


    The 1875 Calibration Jumper Harness can be used to calibrate any plug and play TPS that is compatible with the following vehicles: ACURA RSX Base Model (2002-2006) ACURA RSX-S (2002-2005) HONDA Accord (2003-2005) HONDA CBR600 RR/RA (2007-2012) HONDA CBR1000 RR/RA (2007-2012) HONDA Civic (2001-2005) HONDA Civic Type R (2002-2005) HONDA CR-V (1997-2001) HONDA Element (2003-2006) HONDA JDM Integra Type R (2002-2006)



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