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ACUITY Instruments

ACUiTY Instruments (1949-VS01) 6” to 3.5” Aluminum Velocity Stack

ACUiTY Instruments (1949-VS01) 6” to 3.5” Aluminum Velocity Stack


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  • 6" (152mm) inlet with barb feature to help better secure air filter
  • Reduces to 3.5" (89mm) outlet
  • 2.35" (58mm) overall height
  • Parabolic reduction for improved flow
  • 5052 aluminum construction with matte black coating for corrosion resistance
  • Great for adapting a  6" filter to a 3.5" pipe or for reducing turbo inlet losses

Spun from 5052 aluminum to a parabolic profile, this velocity stack is a great way to adapt a filter with 6" (152mm) opening to a 3.5" tube or to simply reduce inlet losses on a 3.5" (89mm) tube or turbo inlet. Often, spun velocity stacks don't feature beads to help retain filters, leading to poor filter fitment. And with its 1.3mm (0.05") wall thickness, it's perfect for welding to industry-standard 0.060"-wall aluminum tubing if making a custom intake setup. ACUiTY's velocity stacks feature a rolled bead on the large end and a flared outlet on the small end to make sure your filter and coupler stay attached. Additionally, a durable, matte black, painted coating is applied to each velocity stack for corrosion protection. 

Compatibility List

Compatible with cone-style air filters with a 6" inside diameter and 3.5" inside diameter silicone couplers

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